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April 8th, 2015

Satellite Data To Be Afforded To The Ukraine By The Canadian Government, Despite Its Own Data Shortage

Artistic rendition of the Radarsat-2 satellite.

Image courtesy of MDA.

[SatNews] David Pugliese, reporting in the Ottawa Citizen | Leader-Post (a Canada.com publication) reports that the Conservative government of Canada has stated that providing Ukraine with satellite imagery won’t have any adverse effects, even though government documents show Canada is facing a critical shortage when it comes to acquiring such surveillance data for its own use.

The government received a request from Ukraine last year for imagery from Canada’s Radarsat-2 satellite and, in February, Defence Minister Jason Kenney announced that would be provided.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May questioned whether the Canadian Forces or other federal departments had raised concerns about sharing such information with Ukraine’s military.

The response from the Conservative government, recently provided to the Commons in the form of an order paper, didn’t answer that question. To read the entire published article, please access this direct infopage link.