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April 23rd, 2020

Animal Welfare Improvement is the Goal of eSAT Global and Transport Genie

eSAT Global, Inc. (“eSAT”) a developer of real-time satellite IoT connectivity solutions, has announced the firm's partnership with Transport Genie Ltd., creator of the “Transport Genie”, a multi-sensory device monitoring health and welfare of animals in transit.

Together, the companies will work to make this technology available anywhere in the world at any time. Transport Genie is a precision monitoring company that is focused on monitoring micro-climate conditions as animals are being transported. It has developed bespoke IoT sensors and a real-time event-driven ecosystem to enable smart decisions regarding livestock welfare during transport. Transport Genie is already delivering improved welfare to animals in Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, and the Philippines. Maintaining the welfare of animals is of concern right around the world.

The initial phase of the project will result in large scale field trials of eSAT’s direct-to-GEO-satellite communication modules integrated with the Transport Genie solution. Trials are expected to be begin in Q4 of 2020 and global availability expected in 2021.

Transport Genie CEO Joel Sotomayor said that until eSAT came along, the company was trying to figure out a cost effective way to deliver the firm's solutions across the globe. eSat will provide global coverage and the needed low latency. Transport Genie has been searching for a satellite connectivity solution that will meet the power usage, latency and cost levels that are expected from terrestrial solutions — eSAT deliver ubiquitous connectivity in a form factor and at a price that is required for this solution to compete in every market.

Rick Somerton, eSAT’s Regional Director ANZ, remarked that the company is excited to have so much interest in this technology from the Agtech sector, especially from industry leaders such as Transport Genie. Transport Genie’s products are without peer and the firm looks forward to supporting them as they deliver improved animal welfare around the globe.

eSAT Global’s mission is to bring disruptive direct-to-satellite connectivity to low cost IoT devices. The direct-to-satellite connectivity solution is built around eSAT’s patented architecture using existing and highly reliable GEO MSS satellite platforms. Designed from the ground up for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the eSAT solution requires no terrestrial infrastructure or back-haul, while providing global coverage. IoT devices equipped with eSAT communications modules directly communicate with GEO MSS satellites at a transmit power level comparable to that of a car key fob, enabling years of operation on a single battery.