Satnews Daily
September 15th, 2016

Shaking Things Up... Once Again...

The first air-cooled shaker to combine performance and power, traditionally found in water-cooled shakers, with user-friendly operation, reduced maintenance and low running costs typically found in air-cooled systems has just debuted from Brüel & Kjær—their 80 kN shaker, the V8900.


Shakers are used in a range of applications to test equipment and machines for integrity and durability, ensuring the product can withstand the demanding conditions of the real world.

  • The V8900 will provide aerospace, automotive and industrial industries with outstanding performance in several key areas:
  • 80 kN sine force for cost-effective testing of complex and heavy payloads
  • 3 kNm overturning moment, reducing the need for guided head expanders
  • 3 kHz frequency for testing smaller payloads
  • 101.6 mm (4 inch) displacement and high velocity combined enhances shock and random test performance

The shaker has been designed with a high overturning moment, giving it stability when testing irregular and unbalanced payloads, without the need for guided head expanders or intricate mounting assemblies. With a versatile mix of straightforward installation, low running costs and high performance, this revolutionary high-end air-cooled shaker is set to dramatically change the market.