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September 15th, 2016
Airbus Defence And Space Plans Pléiades Super Satellite Imagery
Highly responsive dual VHR constellation will offer state-of-the art service to the Airbus Defence and Space imagery user’s community for the next decade.
Launch Reminder: DigitalGlobe's WorldView-4 By United Launch Alliance Atlas V On Friday, September 16th
Liftoff will occur from Space Launch Complex (SLC)-3 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
Thales Alenia Space & LeoSat Tie Won On With Constellation Contract
The constellation is the creation of LeoSat Enterprises and that firm has just signed Thales Alenia Space for the phase B contract for the development of their LEO constellation.
On The AAD Show Floor... SCS Aerospace Group Showcases Their SCS150 Smallsat
The products include the new, lightweight, high-performance satellite, the SCS150, which has been designed for global environmental and infrastructure monitoring... and more...
China Set To Lift Tiangong-2 Spacelab Today
Tiangong-2 is a prototype spacelab that will test life support, repair systems and refueling technology for the future 60-ton Chinese Space Station.
PerúSAT-1 and SkySat-4 to -7 Satellites Pushed By An Arianespace Vega To Their Slots
Designated Flight VV07, this was Arianespace’s seventh launch of the year and also the seventh consecutive successful launch by Vega.
Hughes Enlists Airbus Defence & Space ...Pump Product To Quench MILSATCOM Needs
Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) has just signed an agreement with Airbus Defence and Space to expand their business partnership to serve this growing market segment.
Arqiva's Got Game  ... SES Satellite Delivers English Premium Sports To Latin America And Caribbean 
"...this new agreement, Arqiva will be taking advantage of the excellent coverage and technical capabilities of our NSS-806 satellite.” 
Smallsat Build Underway By Raytown Schools' Students For An Interorbital Systems Launch
Over the next nine months, high school students will partner with Interorbital Systems and Raytown community groups to build and launch an LEO satellite.
Gilat Brings SATCOM Cell Solution To Optus For Australia
Gilat offers an integrated solution, which combines small cell and VSAT functionality and allows for the cost effective and fast deployment of cellular coverage.
Two Heavyweights In SATCOM Training Create Curriculum Compatabilities
GVF and the Informa Telecoms Academy will jointly offer each others’ curricula around the world.
Airbus Defence And Space’s Gaia Maps 1.6 Billion Stars And Can Pick Out A Human Hair At 435 Miles
The precision optical instrument could pick out a human hair at 700 km or 434.96 miles...
Inmarsat Receives Global Satellite Operator Of The Year Award
Michele Franci, Inmarsat Chief Technology Officer, collected the award on behalf of Inmarsat at World Business Satellite Week.
Shaking Things Up... Once Again...
Brüel & Kjær has just rolled out their 80 kN shaker, the V8900.