Satnews Daily
December 13th, 2013

Globalsat Group—High Data Rate Services Through I-4 (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Globalsat Group announces the global availability of full and half channel symmetrical BGAN HDR (high data rate) services through Inmarsat’s I-4 satellite constellation.

The Globalsat Group’s wide experience in turnkey media solutions makes the company ideally suited to provide Inmarsat’s HDR services throughout Latin America. The full channel symmetrical BGAN HDR service provides a minimum throughput of 580kbps with speeds normally in the 600-700kbps range and throughput as high as 800kbps. A mechanism is under development to report the actual connection speeds and ensure broadcasters can take full advantage of available bandwidth, rather than having to compromise on throughput by configuring their codecs to a minimum speed.

Inmarsat’s BGAN HDR represents a significant advance in picture quality for the broadcast sector and delivers unprecedented streaming speeds for mobile satellite
newsgathering. The new BGAN terminal from Cobham SATCOM - the EXPLORER 710 - is the first terminal capable of accessing BGAN HDR. It weighs just over 3kg and is ready to transmit within less than 5 minutes of being powered up. There is no need to coordinate frequencies or access points, as Inmarsat is responsible for connecting the user to the Internet through its global constellation and gateways. Thanks to BGAN’s famous ease of use, no technical expertise is needed to set up
and operate the terminal.

Inmarsat’s global 3G L-band satellite network was launched in 2005 and empowered journalists to broadcast live, high-quality video from almost anywhere on the planet. The introduction of BGAN HDR represents Inmarsat’s commitment to continually evolve their portfolio to meet the demands of the broadcasters, and the company will remain committed by introducing full and half channel asymmetric BGAN HDR services early next year.

Globalsat Group is the first regional consortium to offer BGAN HDR services to end clients and also the first to offer upgrades to the EXPLORER 710, thanks to also being a distributor of Cobham SATCOM (previously known as Thrane and Thrane). Globalsat Group is available for demonstrations and ready to provide both the service and the necessary terminals in all Latin America, through offices in the US, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Colombia as well as distributors in the region's most important cities.

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