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March 11th, 2020

Ovzon's Mobile Broadband Assists Italian Authorities in the Battle Against COVID-19

Ovzon’s service, providing mobile broadband via satellite, is currently in use by Italian authorities in that nation's work to prevent further spread of the corona virus.

The Civil Protection Department and the Italian army use the service to establish reliable broadband communication, used mainly for videoconferencing between personnel in the field in the affected “red zones” and the headquarters of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Rome.

In December of 2019, Ovzon signed a cooperation agreement for Italy with Gomedia Satcom — at the same time Ovzon and Gomedia secured an initial order from the Italian army. The Ovzon service is now in operation and use in Northern Italy

Authorities engaged in preventing the spread of the virus is mostly in the field, on access roads to the “red zones” where the incidence of virus is high, and they are continuously on the move. Broadband communication through Ovzon’s service has also been established in tents and temporary buildings where service to citizens is provided, in areas where fixed infrastructure is unavailable or insufficient.

Magnus René, CEO of Ovzon, said that reliable communication is essential for field personnel and decision-makers in situations such as this one. Ovzon’s terminals and equipment are easy to use, portable and provide reliable high-speed communication. This is a good example of how Ovzon’s services are used to provide communication in distress situations, they are happy to see how their service can help.