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October 1st, 2014

Gilat Satellite Networks Pumps You Up...

[SatNews] Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (Nasdaq:GILT) (TASE:GILT) has announced that its SkyEdge II-c Capricorn VSAT delivered

accelerated and encrypted data at the full performance potential of 4G handheld devices—the tests were performed over an LTE network at a tier-one operator in Asia.

Gilat's 200Mbps Capricorn demonstrated an outstanding sustainable speed in a single-session FTP download, reaching the handheld device maximum performance of 100Mbps. The demonstration took place over an LTE network based on the technologies of different leading equipment providers. The end-to-end test, proved the capability of Gilat's patent-pending acceleration technology to overcome both satellite delay and device limitations. Successful acceleration and encryption enabled delivery of data, via satellite, at speeds previously associated only with terrestrial networks.

SkyEdge II-c Capricorn is a leading industry TDMA VSAT, ideal for demanding high-end applications such as 4G/LTE cellular backhaul. The very high peak-to-average ratio of LTE networks is a perfect fit for bandwidth sharing, reducing operational costs while maintaining an excellent user experience. In addition, Capricorn has advanced GTP acceleration, application-based quality of service and over-the-air AES-256 encryption for security and privacy, which complies with cellular network technology standards.

"Our 200Mbps Capricorn VSAT solution, which combines 4G data acceleration and encryption over GTP, is an important industry milestone," announced Erez Antebi, Gilat's CEO. "In the trial, we successfully demonstrated our ability to overcome the satellite delay and proved that LTE handheld devices can reach their maximum potential speed."

The Gilat infosite is located at http://www.gilat.com/ for additional information.