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March 15th, 2018

Neda's Afghanistan B'band Network to Install 2k Isotropic Systems Terminals

Isotropic Systems has entered into an agreement with Neda to develop self-installing, all electronic scanning terminals to extend its single channel per carrier (SCPC) broadband capabilities across Afghanistan for enterprise, government and consumer users.

Isotropic Systems will supply Neda with an ‘out of the box’ consumer web experience that eliminates the need for skilled installation, and allows for remote repointing to alternative satellite capacity services when required. The deal with Isotropic Systems demonstrates Neda’s commitment to innovation in Afghanistan to provide world-class connectivity in the region.

Isotropic Systems optical technology will enable terminals that meet or exceed traditional very small aperture terminal (VSAT) performance at one-tenth the cost of current VSAT, making a low- maintenance, self-installing, ‘out of the box’ experience a reality. Isotropic Systems’ core technology mitigates several key engineering challenges to deliver seamless auto tracking, unlimited instantaneous bandwidth through true time delay, and a 90% reduction in power consumption over conventional design. Isotropic Systems’ technology automatically tunes the satellite beam pointing to maintain the precise accuracy over time that is uniquely needed for Ka-band systems to optimize the efficiency of the links in the service provider's network.

John Finney, the founder and CEO of Isotropic Systems, said that this initial order of terminals is a small fraction of the opportunity available in this market. The company's agreement underscores the need for Isotropic Systems’ price-disruptive terminals with features that target low customer revenues that are challenging to serve with ‘out of the box,’ self-installing, fully integrated terminals. Based on this initial success, Isotropic anticipates easily achieving an overall company backlog of 50,000 to 100,000 terminals prior to the first commercial deployments scheduled for late 2019.

Artem Belotski, CTO, Neda Telecommunications, added that Neda recognizes the advancements of HTS, creating sweeping changes across the industry; the firm's strategy is to embed Isotropic Systems technology into the network to allow the freedom to offer customers the best capacity at highly affordable pricing. The Isotropic Systems terminal allows Neda to pre-stage, configure, test, pack and ship to our customers for a truly ‘out of the box’ experience with unparalleled price and features.