Satnews Daily
February 26th, 2018

Mobile Satellite Users Association Welcomes a New Member — KenCast

The Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) welcomes a new MSUA corporate member, the organizations third since January of this year — KenCast.

KenCast offers a cloud-based, feature-rich platform designed for optimal, flawless, secure content delivery on IP networks from GEO and NGOs constellations to fixed sites and vehicles on the move. KenCast recognizes that end-to-end broadband depends on an ecosystem of players including those ensuring successful launches, new LEO satellite innovations, enhanced reflective antennas, feasible flat panel antennas, higher speed transmit and receive devices, and cloud-based platforms for high quality content delivery and ever advancing security for cyber threat defense.

KenCast will be collaborating with MSUA members to develop and market new end-to-end solutions. MUSA welcomes Bill Steele, Chairman and CEO of KenCast, and the KenCast Team.