Satnews Daily
February 28th, 2013

Vietnam... The Third To Wend Its Way (Satellite)

[SatNews] VnExpress reported that Bui Trong Tuyen, the vice president of Vietnam's...

...Space Technical Institute, that the VNREDSat-1A will launch during Q2 of this year. This is an Earth observation satellite that is intended to be used for natural resource analysis, coverage of natural disasters and for management of Vietnam's environment. Astrium is building the 120kg. satellite as well as the ground stations and 15 Vietnamese engineers who will, eventually, be handling the command and control of the satellite. A total capital investment of 55.8 million euros, or about $70 million, was funded by the French Government's official development assistance (ODA) program. Arianespace will launch VNREDSat-1A from French Guiana. This will be the country's third satellite and will join VINASAT-1 and VINASAT-2 in orbit.