Satnews Daily
November 16th, 2009

Stratos Global's Trio Of New Services

Stratos Global Corporation has expanded its line of Stratos MobileLink fixed-to-mobile calling services. Each of the three Stratos MobileLink services help customers avoid high tariffs charged by local telephone companies. The services enable fast, affordable connectivity from fixed locations to Inmarsat and Iridium mobile satellite terminals.

Stratos Global banner Stratos MobileLink services support all satellite phone solutions offered by Stratos operating in any marine, aeronautical, or remote land-based environment. Stratos MobileLink services provide an effective voice solution in countries where the local telephone operator cannot access the Inmarsat or Iridium satellite network, or in areas where direct dialing is prohibitively expensive. For the maritime market, Stratos MobileLink services can help shipping companies reducing shore-to-ship calling costs by as much as 50 percent.

The newest of the three services, Stratos MobileLink Easy, is ideally suited for companies that may dial a single satellite phone or group of phones on a regular basis. It enables the company to dial a predefined landline number to connect directly with the satellite terminal.

Stratos MobileLink Secure (formerly known as Stratos MobileLink) offers an additional layer of protection against unauthorized usage. It enables the company to dial a landline number followed by an access code for each satellite terminal.

Stratos MobileLink Flex (formerly known as Stratos 2-Stage Access) enables the company to call any of its satellite terminals simply by dialing the individual satellite telephone number, following an access code. To simplify customer accounting, all Stratos MobileLink calls appear on one monthly statement. Calls can be split easily by company, department or vessel.