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September 25th, 2013

Registration Now For DoD Commercial SATCOM User's Workshop (Event)

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Registration for the 2013 DoD Commercial SATCOM User's Workshop, co-sponsored by SIA and by U.S. Strategic Command,* is now open. Please click here to register. The workshop will take place from December 17-19, 2013, at the Gateway Crystal City Marriott in Arlington VA.

U.S. Strategic Command co-sponsorship does not constitute federal endorsement of SIA or any other sponsors of this workshop.

New appointment to SIA...SIA announces Dean Hirasawa has joined the Association as Communications Manager. Dean has extensive experience in the space and telecom industries, having previously worked for Globalstar and Motorola, his full bio is available on SIA's website. 

On August 30, SIA filed comments with the FCC on an NPRM concerning the licensing of Federal Earth stations communicating with commercial Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) satellites and the need for spectrum allocations to support commercial space launch operations. SIA provided the Commission with suggestions to ensure that Federal users are afforded increased protections while also ensuring that they are subject to the same technical, regulatory, and procedural rules as non-Federal licensees. SIA also urged the Commission not to change the spectrum allocations used to support space launches. SIA's comments are available here.

On August 26, SIA filed comments on an FCC NPRM proposing to implement Qualcomm's petition to establish an air-ground mobile broadband service on a secondary basis in the Ku-band, which is allocated on a primary basis for use by FSS licensees. SIA presented a number of issues that the FCC must address to filly protect the existing, vitally important satellite services using this spectrum. SIA continued to urge the Commission to consider whether the public interested would be served by the introduction of the proposed service, given the constrained nature of the Ku-band. SIA's comments are available here.

On August 20, SIA filed a detailed technical analysis with the FCC on its proposal to authorize small cell deployments in the 3.5 GHz band. SIA's analysis shows that substantial exclusion zones of 150 km or greater would be needed to protect existing FSS earth stations using these frequencies. SIA re-emphasized that the Commission cannot approve small cells in this band unless it is clear that their operation will not impair current or future satellite operations. The cover letter and technical study filed with the FCC are both available on SIA's website.

On August 19, SIA filed comments with the FCC on its Notice of Inquiry into allegations that satellite operators are warehousing orbital locations and spectrum. SIA believes that the NOI is premised on misplaced concerns and ignores the fact that the satellite communications industry is highly competitive. SIA noted that satellite operators require fleet management flexibility to compete in the marketplace, and warned that adoption of the NOI's proposals would deter future investment and case a regulatory cloud over deployment of new satellites and assets.

For a list of all SIA filings, click here.