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Satnews Daily
January 19th, 2010

ATCi — Underserved To Be Served

Antenna Technology Communications Inc. (ATCi) and Solana HK have announced from the PTC Conference in Honolulu a new agreement to jointly offer affordable, industry broadband satellite and fiber services to underserved markets throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The new partnership will bring together the best of breed of ATCi's proprietary "Skyway to Highway" technology to Solana HK's world class facilities that offer innovative anywhere-to-anywhere access. Starting March 31, 2010, the voice, data and video IP services will be provided to numerous key government and commercial customers throughout the region.

ATCi will implement DVB S2 ACM-latest generation IP broadcast and signaling with as much as 60 percent more efficiency than previous platforms. ATCi's packaged solution, coupled with interlaced RF to digital IP optimizer technology, will enable GSM operators to reduce their backhaul bandwidth requirements through proven network optimization and voice compression methods. The solution will allow for comprehensive bandwidth optimization techniques to eliminate unnecessary data. It will also suppress silence, compress voice on interfaces that require it, and packetize traffic for transport over the most cost-effective infrastructure. The result is a dramatic reduction in bandwidth requirements across all cellular links without experiencing any degradation in voice quality or network reliability. Less bandwidth utilization means lower operating expenses (OpEx) which is critical to an operator's financial performance.