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December 31st, -0001

Blue Sky Network... Aerie Mongolian Messaging

Blue Sky Network... Aerie Mongolian Messaging Blue Sky Network has been selected by MIAT Mongolian Airlines to provide flight tracking, voice communications, and data messaging capabilities onboard its fleet of B-737 aircraft. With the Blue Sky equipment, Mongolia’s national airline will be able to accurately follow and communicate with its planes at anytime, anywhere on the globe, significantly increasing the safety and security of both passengers and flight operators. Blue Sky Network’s D1000A transceivers and ACH1000 voice and two-way messaging devices enable MIAT ground personnel to stay in touch with pilots regardless of an aircraft’s location. Based on the global Iridium satellite network, Blue Sky’s solutions are purpose-built for maintaining communication throughout remote areas with little or no radio coverage. In addition to position reporting and satellite phone capabilities, Blue Sky’s devices include “Quick Position” mayday alert buttons, a critical feature should an emergency occur during flight.