Satnews Daily
December 22nd, 2014

Satellite Structure Passes Qualification Testing For Millennium Space Systems

[SatNews] Millennium Space Systems has completed structural qualification of its AQUILA M8 satellite structure.

AQUILA M8, under development for a confidential customer, part of the company's AQUILA platform product line, supports missions of up to 3000kg. total mass in low, medium and geostationary Earth orbits. Millennium manufactured a dedicated AQUILA M8 test vehicle and subjected it to a full suite of dynamic and static structural qualification tests at the National Technical Systems test facility in Santa Clarita (next door to the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center). Engineers from NTS and Millennium collaborated throughout the month-long test campaign to develop novel test stand configurations for the massive platform. The successful qualification tests mean that the AQUILA M8 platform can be safely launched on any Evolved Expandable Launch Vehicle class booster.

Scott Dow, Millennium’s Director of Assembly, Test and Launch operations, said, “All of the structural modes measured during testing matched our pre-test analyses and models. Based on these excellent model correlations, we will now manufacture our flight model with very high confidence.”

Millennium designed the AQUILA M8 to support imaging, communications and science missions with large payloads requiring precise pointing. The fully loaded 3,000kg. platform includes orbit-raising propulsion that can transfer the satellite from a typical elliptical geostationary transfer orbit to its final GEO orbital slot 36,000km. above the equator. The first flight model AQUILA M8 is presently under construction at the new Millennium factory in El Segundo, California, and will be launched for a confidential customer in 2016. The AQUILA product line also includes the M1, M2 and M4 platforms, each tailored to a particular payload mass range.

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