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April 27th, 2016

Outerlink Global Has FAA STC Approval and Rings In Bell Helicopters

Outerlink Global Solutions has announced FAA STC approval of the company's fully integrated IRIS voice, video, flight data and broadband SATCOM system in the Bell model 206L and 407 series helicopters—the IRIS solution promotes safer operations as well as delivers immediate cost savings and reduced downtime.

IRIS combines multiple features currently available from various vendors into one single solution at a fraction of the cost that an operator would pay for each of the components it replaces.  The two onboard boxes, a control head and processor provide continuous aircraft and internal data, audio and video recording. The system can record up to 1,000 hours of data received from over 200 sources, depending on model type, giving the operator unprecedented insight into the operation of the aircraft.  The system also includes internal, always-on wireless connectivity for electronic flight bags (“EFB’s”) or for continuous data downloads.

With an open architecture and push-to-talk solution, IRIS gives operators the latest communication technology with just one installation.  From the ground, crews can monitor aircraft data and receive immediate alerts and warnings when an aircraft exceeds a defined parameter.  In addition, pilots and crew can communicate via talk groups using push-to-talk technology.

The user-friendly software suite accompanying IRIS provides the only integrated time-synced playback of audio, video and flight data, giving operators insight into how their fleet is being flown.  Due to its software-based configuration, IRIS is protected against obsolescence.  If satellite providers come up with faster service in other bands, IRIS users can adapt by simply changing their antennas.  The adaptability is another cost saving factor for operators to consider when choosing a communication and data-monitoring tool.

IRIS is compatible with a full range of aircraft, from older analog models to the newest on the market.  Even with a mixed fleet, IRIS provides an integrated monitoring and communications system for operators.  In addition, IRIS meets all aspects of the FAA 135.607 ruling.

The IRIS system will be on display during the Aircraft Electronics Association’s (AEA) 2016 conference in Orlando.  Operators can obtain an in-depth look at the system's features at the Outerlink display, booth #830, or learn more at Outerlink.com.

“The safety aspect that IRIS introduces to an operation is invaluable,” says Outerlink Director of Sales and Marketing, Jeff Warner.  “Having the ability to push a button and talk to your entire fleet, aircraft in a certain region, or just a single pilot gives any operator an extra level of safety and efficiency that has not been attainable until now.”