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January 21st, 2010

COMSYS — VSAT Report Refreshed With 11th Edition

COMSYS has announced the eleventh edition of The COMSYS VSAT Report is now available.  The VSAT Report is the result of over twelve months of research, involving site visits and interviews with companies from Australia to Argentina and from Pakistan to Peru. This comprehensive report includes:
  • More than 1,450 pages in three volumes (operator sections provided in PDF format)
  • Star TDMA and SCPC as well as Mesh and Star DAMA systems
  • Predictions for the future of these technologies and markets
  • Business planning analysis for potential system users
  • Extensive company marketing, sales and strategic information
  • Assessment of the current state, capabilities and challenges of the industry and market
Volume I (460 pages with 200 tables and 200 charts) analyzes enterprise, SME, and consumer sales of VSAT systems by vendor, operator, geography, industry and revenues (Hard-bound colour copy) — Volume II (270 pages) covers technical specifications, prices, shipments, customer references and company analysis for 31 VSAT systems from 18 different vendors (Hard-bound color copy) — Volume III (740 pages) contains detailed analysis of more than 250 VSAT service operations from around the world (PDF).

The VSAT Report is an invaluable reference source on this industry, enabling telecommunication and IT managers, existing and prospective system operators, manufacturers and integrators to stay competitive and increase profitability. It remains the definitive study of direct-to-business earth station products and services. Additional, detailed information on the report and some of its findings can be found on our web site where you will find a brochure, a Table of Contents, and an order form.  For more information please visit our VSAT Report page, email adrian@comsys.co.uk, or call us at +44-1727-832288.