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July 26th, 2012

Norsat Int'l... Location, Location, Location (Satellites)

[SatNews] Norsat International Inc. (Norsat or the company) (TSX: NII and OTC BB: NSATF) has released their...

...Satellite Locator application for iPhone on the App Store at no cost. The application, available as a free download, enables users to locate geostationary satellites on a mobile phone from anywhere on the planet. The app can be used to assess obstructions and assist in pointing satellite ground terminals, including Norsat’s ultra-portable GLOBETrekker™ and Rover™ systems.

The customizable application uses the camera of the iPhone to overlay a spatially accurate arc of satellites on the mobile phone screen, and includes a complete almanac of satellite information. Users simply launch the application and point the mobile phone at the sky to view an easy to understand graphical display of all geostationary satellites in the direction the phone is pointed. As the user sweeps their phone across the sky they can identify the elevation and direction of the satellite they wish to use, and use the almanac to find more information, including orbital position, azimuth, and polarity. Any obstructions viewed between the iPhone and the satellite can be visually identified, allowing the user to change their position or move the obstruction, in order to achieve a satellite lock.