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March 26th, 2015

Encompass Digital Media Acquires Full Transponder On Intelsat's G-19 Satellite

[SatNews] Encompass Digital Media has added a broadcast-focused mux to its North American satellite platforms, Intelsat’s G-19.

Artistic rendition of Intelsat's G-19 satellite.

By occupying a full transponder, Encompass provides its clients with a cost-effective, premium location for their digital sub-channels (D2). Encompass has worked closely with network distributors to develop technology that fits the unique requirements of the D2 market including advanced secondary event triggers and reduced throughput to enhance the primary distribution of off-air stations. Currently, four uniquely distinct D2 programmers have launched on Encompass’ G-19 broadcast-focused transponder and another channel will be added in April.  

“We have seen a steady increase in our digital sub-channels business over the last year,” states Vince Matherne, Chief Product Officer for Encompass. “G-19 provides D2 clients a home on a broadcast-friendly satellite with the ability to launch on a channel-by-channel basis on a fully saturated transponder. Each new channel launched is then instantly available to broadcast stations typically without additional antenna resources being deployed.”