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April 21st, 2010

Global Satellite Engineering... Expense Examination Employment

Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) now has a partnership with the Ocens data services. Ocens will be using GSE’s SatCollect software to help them reduce their in-bound call expenditure for all satellite phone usage, via Inmarsat and Iridium networks.

SatCollect is GSE’s flagship software solution to allow satellite phone users to select one or many local phone numbers in 41 different countries that will terminate to their satellite phone. For local numbers in the US and Canada, customers can pick their own 10 digit local number. This value added service means that SatCollect customers will always receive calls via a local number that has been forwarded from their satellite phone. They will only be charged the local rate for that particular country to receive a call, as opposed to the expensive satellite long-distance rate. Using SatCollect can also eliminate the cost of roaming charges.