Satnews Daily
September 1st, 2008

Military Communications and COTS 2008 Now Available

ASD-Reports It's no secret that military communications remain an essential part of security operations. That technology extends in range from equipping military personnel with devices so they can communicate on operations to providing centralized systems for organizing battle and security operations on land, sea and in the air. Currently, all military forces rely heavily on sophisticated electronic communications systems, with technology transferring to and from civilian communications systems, both those in use and those in development.

This reliance on advanced communications will increase in the years to come, and are duly noted in visiongain's new Military Communications and COTS 2008 report. Examples include units out in the field, digital radio, such as the U.S. Military’s joint tactical radio system (JTRS), which promises improved, programmable communications links and extends beyond voice-only communications to include the exchange of data and video messaging during battle and security operations. The linking of all these systems in reliable, high-performing and secure networks, satellite and high-bandwidth terrestrial communications exerts an increasingly sophisticated and important role in military operations from 2008 onwards.

Because of the expected strong growth of the military communications sector from 2008-2013 and beyond, companies that are already active in communications technologies are in a beneficial position to take advantage of those opportunities. This report is relevant both to companies already specializing in military electronic applications and to those interested in military applications of existing technology. The technology may be already commercialized or still under development. At the heart of many emerging military communications systems are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, such as 3G and WiMax. Many military organizations are interested in the synergies and cost-savings from such products and technologies. The commercial opportunities for relevant technology providers are great, especially as military spending continues to rise strongly in many countries around the world.

This new report, Military Communications and COTS 2008, describes both the technologies and the relevant markets in detail, with pertenent data and informed opinion and is valuable to both defense procurement operations and to relevant technology providers. More ASD Reports can be found at this website.