Satnews Daily
February 23rd, 2014

Ericsson—The TV Viewing Experience, Redefined (SatBroadcasting™ Business)

[SatNews] Innovative new technologies are redefining the TV and media viewing experience, however, despite these technologies, the consumer TV experience can be fragmented and frustrating.

Consumers use numerous video services to find content and switch between multiple devices with varying content viewing abilities. TV service operators are challenged to drive innovation and efficiency at an increasing pace. In the Networked Society, by 2020 there will be at least 50 billion connected devices, 15 billion of which will offer video to users. Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) recognizes these challenges and is enabling and building the ecosystem for the future of TV—a future where TV is anywhere on any device and the experience evolves with the consumer.

To address this opportunity, Ericsson is launching its Future TV Anywhere platform, bringing modern Web technologies to the TV operator world. This will enable operators to combine the quality of service and content depth of payTV with the interactivity and multi-screen capabilities of Over the Top (OTT) video start-ups. Ericsson is building an end-to-end integrated platform for payTV service providers based entirely on web and cloud technologies. The new software as a service platform makes it possible for TV operators to quickly respond to a changing marketplace, enabling the efficient deployment and scale of services while accommodating the intense loads associated with live TV. In addition, the system uses analytics driven by big data, helping operators manage new investments quickly and cost-effectively.

Ericsson has invested to further extend its TV & Media leadership. Ericsson's Future TV Anywhere vision leverages the acquired assets from Mediaroom as well the recently announced intention to acquire Azuki Systems. Overall, Ericsson is well positioned in the TV area, with the world's most deployed IPTV platform and decades of experience in video technology. Ericsson's unmatched TV and media portfolio also includes offering such as advanced compression and state of the art content delivery.  

Ericsson will showcase its Future TV Anywhere vision at Mobile World Congress 2014, demonstrating its user interface and capabilities.

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