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March 14th, 2018

NSLComm Raises more than $6.25 Million of Series-B Funding for LEO Broadband Communications

NSLComm has successfully raised more than $6.25 Million enabling them to close their Series-B funding for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) broadband communications. They welcome your visit at Satellite 2018 at Booth 2408.

NSLComm develops satellite technology that enables highspeed data transfer for government, commercial, and private applications. The company is currently closing its series B-funding round, reaching $6.25 million in total.

The round was led by strategic investors including JVP, Liberty, OurCrowd, Hawk GF, and Cockpit Innovation of the El Al Group, which has recently announced their partnership with Boeing and Lufthansa to support startups and innovative technologies focusing on the aviation and aerospace verticals. This is Cockpit’s first investment made within their new collaborative framework.

In addition to its first satellite launch scheduled for November 2018, this funding round will enable NSLComm to develop and build two satellites for future launches.

Dr. Raz Itzhaki, cofounder and CEO of NSLComm stated that the satellite market needs cost-effective technology for high-speed communications over small satellites. Their innovative antenna system provides a unique way to deliver a wide variety of applications for all sectors needing global broadband coverage.

In summary, NSLSat-1 offers the following advantages over current nanosats:

• Supercharged bandwidth with 100x throughput

• Adaptive in-orbit footprint control

• Significantly lower stowed mass and volume

• The lowest price per bit to the end user

• Fast market growth with low barrier to entry