Satnews Daily
December 13th, 2012

NSR Reports How Viable Is Sat-Based UltraHD?

[SatNews] As always, the Company has released an in-depth report, analyzing many aspects of this technology.

This NSR study analyzes key elements for satellite-based UltraHD demand in terms of market viability, cost considerations, ecosystem development and end user adoption issues. The frequency and solution mix are evaluated in order to determine the market proposition of Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD) and the ultimate fit of UltraHD for future requirements. Market forecasts and trends are outlined in 3 distinct market platforms, enabling satellite operators and service providers to plan accordingly in protecting their current market position as well as gaining competitive ground by provisioning more attractive UltraHD channel packages.

This report answers the key questions concerning the satellite UltraHD market:

  • How will the market take hold?
  • What is the effect on the market’s capacity requirements and revenue prospects?
  • Which frequency and technology solutions will be preferred over time?
The study is a valuable resource that:
  • is beneficial to all industry players that need grounded insights and solid rationale into future UltraHD offerings that may or may not radically change the video markets;
  • offers an assessment of end user requirements and preferences;
  • and provides the impact of this “push technology” on current SD and HD platforms and the shape of future market dynamics.
Key assessments undertaken include:
  • Key issues and expected trends as well as how the outlook of the industry will evolve
  • Emerging market developments that could drive future growth
  • Next-generation solutions, specifically HTS
The report includes the following analytical elements:
  • Channel forecasts
  • Forecast by Platform - Cable TV, IPTV and DTH
  • Capacity pricing movements & trends
  • Bandwidth requirements and compression
  • Demand trends & ten-year forecasts by platform, region, and frequency band
Detailed Analysis Backed by Industry Input & NSR Expertise The detailed assessment of the UltraHD market relies on input from key vendors as well as NSR’s longstanding, extensive body of work in the video markets and application segments. This provides a solid quantitative and qualitative basis from which a comprehensive analysis of trends and market forecasts can be drawn.