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June 1st, 2010

Intelsat + SES WORLD SKIES... Zounds... Zombiesat "Crisis" Passes...

Galaxy 15
[SatNews] Galaxy 15 passed the AMC-11 satellite May 30-31.

Interference avoidance efforts were successful, with no customer transmission interruptions. Intelsat supported SES during its avoidance maneuvers by providing signal turnaround services at Intelsat's Clarksburg, Maryland, teleport via an Intelsat 19-meter uplink tracking antenna which was used by all of SES's AMC-11 customers. The extremely high signal directivity provided by the 19-meter antenna produced a 'pencil beam', focusing more carrier energy directly to AMC-11 and reducing that same carrier energy away from Galaxy 15, avoiding any perceptible signal interference. Intelsat continues to perform ranging maneuvers on a routine basis to confirm that the Galaxy 15 satellite is stable and traveling a predictable path. There is no active testing on the Galaxy 15 payload at this time. There is no risk of a physical collision with other spacecraft that are in the path of Galaxy 15.