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May 26th, 2015

Tracking Military Equipment Could Save Millions With Track24 Defence's New Shadow

[SatNews] Track24 Defence has developed a cost effective, AES256-encrypted consignment tracking solution that will help prevent millions of dollars of military equipment from going missing during transit.
The Shadow is the hardware component of this solution, accessed through the cloud or via private servers. With its digital and analogue I/Os, the Shadow sends regular GEOTAG updates on cargo’s position as well as telemetry on speed, temperature, humidity, and light levels. Internal accelerometers switch on the unit when movement is detected, and it is designed to enable operators to perform ‘health checks’ on selected ISOs, and set up geofences to automatically update interested parties if cargo veers off course unexpectedly.  The Shadow’s firmware can also be upgraded to adapt its use while in the field, providing real-time alerting on mission critical variables. In order to reduce risk of interference and service denial, the device extends its antennae to provide unique, covert installation, enabling internal installation.

Track24 Defence’s new consignment tracking solution was designed in collaboration with Swedish military ICT specialist MilDef Systems AB
Giles Peeters, Track24 Defence’s sector director and ex-MoD and NATO BLOS comms specialist, said, “The Shadow’s high capability, low price point, and security, makes it a cost effective proposition for militaries wanting to assign intelligent M2M command and control capability to assets in transit. The consignment tracking solution is designed to meet the needs of the modern post-combat environment. High valued items go missing or get stolen during the complex process of moving military consignments around the world, in austere locations, well out of the reach of GPRS/GSM and radio networks. Militaries are prepared to unnecessarily write-off huge sums in lost kit. Most importantly though, ensuring consignments are in the right place at the right time is essential to operational success.”
The Shadow uses Iridium’s satellite short burst data service, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS/GSM (available September of 2015) and features AES256, is RS232 compatible and is available now via Track24 Defence and its distributors.
“Military consignment management is an ongoing operational requirement—it has the potential to save militaries millions of dollars and improve operational effectiveness,” Peeters concludes.
The Shadow is based on the technology that led to Track24 Defence’s 2012 IEEE Outstanding Technology Recognition Award win.