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August 1st, 2019

The iDirect Platform Selected by Mainstream Data for their Business Expansion

ST Engineering iDirect, Inc., a company of ST Engineering North America, has announced that Mainstream Data is expanding their business continuity and private networking services based on the iDirect platform.

The additional satellite IP networking infrastructure will enable Mainstream Data to meet growing connectivity demand from both existing and new customers in the healthcare and banking sectors across areas in the United States, including areas with underdeveloped communications infrastructure.

To serve their customers, enterprises are increasingly dependent on uninterrupted IP network connectivity, driven increasingly by Software as a service (SaaS) applications and cloud computing. As a result, communications service providers are expanding their investment in network infrastructures that support higher access speeds and provides resiliency in the event of connectivity failures. However, many communities in rural North America remain underserved by terrestrial IP infrastructure, leaving a critical gap in enterprises’ ability to maintain their connections with customers, data centers, and partners.

Through an IP networking solution built on the iDirect platform, Mainstream Data monitors customers’ primary IP link and provides a fully-managed backup connection over satellite whenever the primary connection suffers degradation. The company leverages ST Engineering iDirect’s advanced Quality of Service (QoS) capability, prioritizing latency-sensitive traffic to support critical communications. To support its expansion, Mainstream Data purchased what will be its third iDirect hub.

Scott Calder, CEO of Mainstream Data, if a company loses access to mission-critical applications that are hosted in the cloud or VoIP connectivity, the business screeches to a halt. This is especially true for hospitals and banks, for whom being online 100 percent of the time saves lives and preserves business. As one of the largest fully-integrated satellite-based Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity providers in North America, we continue to build our network around ST Engineering iDirect because its technology allows us to deliver the highest possible quality at an affordable cost to our customers.

Darren Ludington, Regional Vice President, Americas, ST Engineering, iDirect, added it is always great working with partners like Mainstream Data, who work hard to serve critical organizations that keep citizens healthy and the economy running with constant connectivity. Satellite is a reliable means of connecting even the most geographically diverse sites with critical IP connectivity, as it is essentially immune to ground-based outages and network compromise. The firm looks forward to continuing to help Mainstream Data grow its business in key vertical markets where maintaining always-on connectivity is a cornerstone of their brand promise.

Mainstream Data is a fully integrated satellite network operator focused on providing IP connectivity services to underserved healthcare, banking, and enterprise customers throughout North America. For more information visit .