Satnews Daily
December 16th, 2010

Honeybee Robotics... Motoring Off To Venus (Spacecraft)

[SatNews] Honeybee Robotics has licensed its High Temperature Motor to CDA InterCorp, LLC.

The motor can tolerate temperatures of 460 degrees C and above — the highest ever recorded for an electric motor/ Under the agreement, CDA InterCorp will manufacture and market high temperature motors for space and commercial applications. Honeybee Robotics will continue developing support systems for the motor through Phase II SBIR funds recently awarded by NASA. Honeybee created the High Temperature Motor for future missions to the surface of Venus, where it would encounter intense heat and pressure. Materials and design allow it to operate in extreme heat without the need for a bulky, expensive thermal control system. Its high efficiency and temperature tolerances make it well suited to severe environments, such as in deep drilling applications, geothermal systems or aircraft engines.