Satnews Daily
September 23rd, 2009

A Temporary Satellite Solution By Spacecom During Amos 6 Reconfig.

Spacecom Satellite Communications Ltd. (TASE:SCC) is reconfiguring the Amos 6 communications satellite to handle broadband Internet.

Spacecom president and CEO David Pollack said that the company planned to target emerging markets that have no ground infrastructure, and where satellite communications can offer a fast and effective solution. Pollack explained that Spacecom has decided to make a technological jump with the Amos 6, rather than wait for the Amos 7 and Amos 8 satellites. The Amos 6 is scheduled for launch in 2012.

Pollack added that, in view of demand for satellite communications services, Spacecom would shortly launch a temporary satellite to meet demand in African and Asian markets. The satellite will provide services until the Amos 5 is ready for commercial operations in early 2011. The Amos 5 will precede the launch of Amos 4, which Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) (TASE: ARSP.B1) is still building. Spacecom has already begun selling Amos 5 services, including a five-year $28 million contract with a European company to provide satellite services in Africa. Spacecom believes that commercial operation of Amos 5 will greatly boost revenue because the satellite can provide communications services currently provided by the Amos 2 and Amos 3 satellites together. The Amos 3 replaced the Amos 1 18 months ago. (Source: Globes Online)