Satnews Daily
November 12th, 2013

Green Hills Software—Technology Showcase @ MILCOM 2013 (Event—TacApps + CyberSecurity)

For further information, please access this direct infopage link.
[SatNews] Green Hills Software will demonstrate multiple technology offerings focused on tactical applications and cyber security on commercially available trusted mobile computing devices at MILCOM 2013, November 18 through 21, 2013, in San Diego, California.

In booth #1023, Green Hills Software will demonstrate:

  • AGIS LifeRing Deployed on INTEGRITY Trusted Mobile Devices
    Secure mobility enables improved command and control (C2) for Warfighters and First Responders. Through the integration of AGIS LifeRing™ operating on INTEGRITY® Trusted Mobile Devices (INTEGRITY-TMD), Green Hills Software will demonstrate a scalable C2 system that provides a common operational picture (COP) in the palm of your hand. The INTEGRITY-TMD platform securely separates one or more Android open application environments on smartphones and tablets with safe device, network, and storage access as well as trusted device management — providing a rich Android experience in a safe, reliable manner for commercial, government and enterprise use. LifeRing operates on IP-based PCs, smartphones, and tablets. All users view the position and status of all other users and can digitally collaborate and interface to legacy Military C3I (Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence) systems.
  • INTEGRITY with IronKey Encrypted USB Storage
    Data-at-rest protection is important for storing security-classified, confidential or regulated information in defense and financial applications. Green Hills Software will be showcasing INTEGRITY embedded and enterprise support for Imation's IronKey™ encrypted USB storage platform. Demonstrations feature interoperable data-at-rest protection for INTEGRITY applications and encrypted file transfer between Windows, Linux and INTEGRITY systems on IronKey encrypted USB drives. Additionally, an IronKey USB device will be demonstrated as a secure token for booting an INTEGRITY Secure Laptop. The INTEGRITY Secure Laptop is based off of the INTEGRITY Secure Consolidated Client, a Protection Level 4 (PL-4) accredited multi-level workstation that virtualizes Windows, Linux, and Solaris guest operating systems, securely separated by the INTEGRITY RTOS.

Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom.