Satnews Daily
September 12th, 2013

C-COM Satellite Systems + Avanti Communications—Approval Of The HYLAS Kind (Antenna)

[SatNews] C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. (TSX VENTURE:CMI) has received type approval for its iNetVu® Ka-98G antenna system from Avanti Communications who provide coverage across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The iNetVu® Ka-98G mobile is the only officially approved vehicle mount auto-polarisation antenna that is able to operate on Avanti's HYLAS 1 and HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellites.

"The C-COM manufactured Ka-band antenna is a first in the market with an auto-polarization function which removes one of the major complications of operating a mobile antenna at Ka-band. Full 3-axis automation increases the speed of operational deployment and enables non-technical personnel to deliver satellite broadband services, particularly important for blue light, disaster management, security and defense applications," said David Bestwick, Chief Technical Officer at Avanti Communications.

The HYLAS fleet uses overlapping high power beams with circular polarization to ensure full coverage of primary markets. This means that carriers in adjacent beams can overlap whilst operating at the same frequency. This is achieved by assigning one carrier to use left hand polarization, whilst the other uses right hand. The C-COM auto-polarization capability of the iNetVu® Ka-98G enables automatic transition between the two.

David Bestwick added, "The iNetVu® Ka-98G mobile antenna, along with its 7024 auto-acquire controller, was able to deliver in excess of 10Mbps upload and 10Mbps download rates with a cost effective 3W transceiver during the tests."

"We have been working very closely with Avanti over the last year first with a two axis automated antenna and, currently, with a third axis to ensure full compatibility with iDirect Automatic Beam Switching (ABS) modems over the HYLAS Ka networks," said Bilal Awada, CTO of C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. "The iNetVu® system can automatically detect the beam information based on GPS location and instruct the modem to acquire the new beam seamlessly, thus relieving the end user from any manual inputs during normal system operation."

"The results of these tests and the corresponding Avanti approval demonstrate the high level technological ability of the C-COM engineering design team. At the same time, it confirms our leading position in delivering one of the most advanced and highly reliable auto-pointing antenna systems available today," said Leslie Klein, CEO of C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.

A number of iNetVu® Ka-98G mobile antenna systems have already been delivered to Avanti resellers. The product is now in full production and is available for immediate delivery.