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October 28th, 2014

LandWorks Parcels Out Digital Parcel Polygon Data to Online Offerings

[SatNews] LandWorks Inc. has added individual parcel polygons to its cloud-based offering of GIS-ready map products.

Clients may now search, purchase and download digital parcel data sets with related attributes directly from the LandWorks website – in orders as small as a single parcel – at a cost of just $2 per parcel.

LandWorks developed the online parcel purchase application for industries and professions that need up-to-date surface land ownership information in their GIS. Some of the sectors already taking advantage of LandWorks’ online offerings include utilities, oil & gas, pipelines, real estate, banking, departments of transportation, renewable energy and mining.

“The main benefits of buying parcel data from the LandWorks website are affordability and instant access,” said LandWorks President Jerry Bramwell.

Parcel Data Coverage Map

On the LandWorks website, there is no minimum or maximum purchase limit. The customer simply logs onto the parcel data page and searches for the desired parcel or parcels. The user may graphically select the desired parcels by searching and clicking on a map display or by uploading a spreadsheet containing the county tax parcel ID numbers.

“The online database accessed through the LandWorks website contains parcel data for most of the United States,” said Bramwell. “This data comes from county assessor files or is manually digitized from paper plats and is updated quarterly.”

The LandWorks site keeps track of desired parcels during the search process. When the user is ready, the website reports the number of parcels that have been selected and their total cost calculated at $2 per parcel. The user can add or delete parcels as desired. The user then decides to purchase the parcel polygons in either NAD 27 or NAD 83 map datum. Prior to purchase, the site gives the user the option of receiving the digital data sets in Esri shapefile or file geodatabase format.

To finalize the purchase, the user enters credit card information to the secure site or a corporate account number. Within seconds, the website completes the transaction and emails a link where the user can download the purchased parcel files. Each parcel polygon is delivered with key attributes – parcel number, parcel address, owner name/address, and official legal description.

The digital parcel polygons come ready for download directly into Esri ArcGIS software as well as other popular mapping systems such as IHS Petra, IHS Kingdom and LMKR GeoGraphix.

“In a matter of minutes, customers now have access to up-to-date parcel polygons that once might have taken weeks to arrive,” said Bramwell. “And they purchase only the parcels they actually need.”

LandWorks is an innovator in cloud-based land information data. Last year, the Houston firm introduced Web AutoMapper, an online service that converts land legal descriptions into GIS-ready map polygons. Also at a cost of just $2 per parcel, Web AutoMapper enables customers to download the desired legal description boundary data on a digital map grid ready for ingest into their GIS.

For more information, please visit the LandWorks infosite