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March 23rd, 2016

SMi To Present Military SSA In London

[Satnews] SMi has announced that Colonel Douglas Schiess, Commander, 21st Space Wing, US Air Force Space Command, has joined the expert speaker line up for 2016 and will be presenting on "Achieving Space Security for US Forces Around the World Through Advanced SSA Technologies."

Highlights from the talk will include:

  • Space tracking to ensure safety and availability of US Military space assets
  • SSA information dissemination to maximize rapid response to potential missile threats
  • What technologies can be used to enhance SSA effectiveness

Click here to review the event agenda or to download in pdf.

This event—Military Space Situational Awareness 2016—will bring together Military Space users and private industry specialists from around the world to discuss the challenges of gathering information in space and how they can be overcome through intimate cooperation and research and development.

The expert speaker line up includes:

  • Colonel Douglas Schiess, Commanding Officer 21st Space Wing, US Air Force Space Command
  • Colonel Piero Serra, Chief of Air and Space Policy, Italian Air Force
  • Dr Lindsay Millard, Project Manager, DARPA
  • Monique Moury, Head of Operational Flight Dynamics, CNES — Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
  • Francois Laporte, Operation Flight Dynamics, CNES — Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
  • Nicolas Bobrinsky, Head of the SSA Programme, European Space Agency
  • Colonel Franck Schrottenloher, Commander, Environmental Control Office, Joint Space Command
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jaime Sanchez Mayorga, Espace Unit/C4ISR Area, Ministry Of Defence, Spain
  • Brigadier General Friedrich Teichmann , Director, Geospatial Department, Austrian Armed Forces
  • Dr Eva Bernhardsdotter, Space Programme Manager, FMV (Swedish Defence Material Administration)
  • Brigadier General Carlos de Salas, Head C4ISR & Space Programs, Spanish Ministry of Defence
  • Colonel Helcio Vieira Junior, Commander Space Operations Center, Brazilian Armed Forces
  • Professor Mike Hapgood, Space weather expert, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • Paul Andrus, Instructor, Air University
  • Professor Sa'id Mosteshar, Director, London Institute of Space Policy and Law
  • Lieutenant Colonel Steffen Neumann, Space SME- C4ISR Space, JAPCC
  • Professor Thomas Schildknecht , Astronimical Institute, University of Bern


At this direct link, you can view the event agenda including all speakers and their topics.