Satnews Daily
September 16th, 2014

HISPASAT—Working For SAT>IP's Implementation (SATCOM)

[SatNews] The Spanish satellite operator HISPASAT announced at IBC2014 in Amsterdam that the company will join the efforts to implement the SAT>IP standard and roll it out to worldwide partners.

SAT>IP is an innovative technology that translates satellite transmission into an Internet Protocol (IP) signal which is then redistributed in-house to IP-devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, without complex in-house cabling. HISPASAT will encourage manufacturers to adopt the SAT>IP technology, develop compatible hardware and software and help implement and improve the SAT>IP communication protocol. SAT>IP has been developed by SES and industry partners and is open to other satellite operators, manufacturers and technology developers.

“We firmly believe that IP in-house distribution of satellite-delivered content to multiple devices has significant benefits for consumers, satellite operators and the broadcasting industry. In fact, HISPASAT was pioneer in the research and development of technology for satellite IP in-house distribution with Saturno Project, started in 2010 and conclusions presented last year”, commented Inés Sanz, Head of Customer Engineering at Hispasat. “And we also believe that having a single standard is key to the development of these solutions. For that reason we want to contribute to the adoption of the SAT>IP protocol by the industry.”

The innovative SAT>IP technology, first unveiled in 2012, converts the satellite signal to IP format either in the antenna itself or in a SAT>IP server connected to the IP-switch or -router. Not only does this technology simplify installations, it also allows the reception of several programs in parallel on different devices and enlarges the in-house reception base for TV viewers who want to watch high-quality satellite content on their IP-devices.

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