Satnews Daily
September 29th, 2010

Intelsat... Moving On Up x2...

[SatNews] Intelsat S.A. has announced that Mr. Terry Bleakley has been appointed Regional Vice President, Asia-Pacific Sales, to be effective November 15th.

In this position, Bleakley will lead Intelsat's sales and marketing activities and implement the company's strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. Bleakley will manage the team from Singapore. Intelsat's Asia-Pacific initiatives include expanding its industry-leading media neighborhoods for cable programming and direct-to-home television platforms, distributing regional programming to a worldwide audience via Intelsat's global satellite fleet, increasing enterprise networking, mobile and maritime communications, and enhancing government communications for data, video and voice transmissions. Intelsat expects to enhance, expand and replenish the company's capacity serving the region through a launch program that includes the Intelsat 17, Intelsat 18, Intelsat 19, Intelsat 20 and Intelsat 22 satellites, all of which will launch by the end of 2012. Prior to accepting this position, Bleakley served as Vice President, Commercial Operations for another satellite operator serving the region. Before his most recent assignment, he served more than five years with Intelsat in various sales and sales management positions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Separately, Intelsat announced that David Ball was appointed Managing Director of Intelsat Broadband Pty. Ltd., a subsidiary that is based in Sydney, Australia. Ball will focus on key strategic initiatives such as the company's commitment to provide broadband connectivity solutions and infrastructure services to Australia, and will oversee specific business development activities in Asia-Pacific that leverage his years of experience in Asia. Ball will also support Intelsat General's activities in obtaining and managing new projects like the recently announced UHF agreement with the Australian Defence Force.