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May 3rd, 2017

Series C Funding Success by Orbital Insights

Leading a Series C funding drive by Orbital Insights, Inc., is Sequoia Capital, with additional monetary influx from Geodesic Capital and Itochu Corporation as well as Balyasny Asset Management, Envision Ventures and Intellectus Partners.

This four-year old firm managed to acquire $50 million in this financing round. The capital will be used to grow their various partnerships as well as their product lines and pump up sales ops around the globe. The company uses big-data analysis via satellite imagery that the firm purchases, which is then filtered with some image processing of the advanced variety, to which machine learning algorithms are applied to the enhanced imagery to track various trends.

One of the company's workups helps to identify those areas around around the globe that are stressed by extreme poverty, which was of definite interest to researchers at World Bank. As the company's infosite declares: Geospatial data follows Moore's Law = Machine vision comes of age + Parallel computing moves to the cloud to equal Actionable Intelligence for the world.