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March 17th, 2009

Production Push By Rockwell Collins To Ensure Warfighters Have DAGRs

Rockwell Collins DAGR photos The U.S.A.F.'s Global Positioning Systems Wing has awarded a sole-source follow-on production contract for Defense Advanced GPS Receiver,  with a ceiling of $450M, to Rockwell Collins Inc.

  The first production option buy of $87M will be put on contract by the end of the month. This will provide for an additional 51,200 selective availability anti-spoofing module-based DAGRs and associated accessories. This represents a $200 savings per unit over the previous contract. Under the current contract, Rockwell Collins has already delivered over 290,000 DAGRs to the armed forces of the United States and 22 Foreign Military Sales customers.  DAGR is the current state-of-the-art military handheld GPS receiver providing real-time position, velocity, navigation and timing information in stand-alone and integrated configurations.  DAGR provides situational awareness, maps and satellite sky view information.  This information is secured with a selective availability anti-spoofing module, which greatly reduces vulnerability to jamming from enemy forces.  The Department of Defense has recognized the importance of DAGR and has provided millions of dollars of supplemental funding to get these GPS receivers into the hands of the warfighter as quickly as possible.