Satnews Daily
February 19th, 2017

The Purchase of DigitalGlobe is a Distinct Possibility... and MDA is the Suitor

DigitalGlobe’s latest market value is ranging in the area of $1.8 billion and this owner of the recently launched WorldView-4 satellite and other geospatial satellites is, according to sources, having “advanced” conversations with MacDonald Dettwiler and Associations (MDA) regarding a sale to that firm—MDA is also the parent company of successful satellite manufacturer Space Systems Loral (SSL), which is based in California.

The takeover value would be in the area of $2 to $3 billion; however, no terms have been uncovered or released, as of this writing. DigitalGlobe has cemented imagery services agreements with such companies as Facebook and Uber Technologies and firms involved in national defense, such as Harris Corporation and the US government, to name but two. Word is that there may well be other suitors in the conversation mix.

Other valued products within the DigitalGlobe product stable include a vast library of global imagery that is accessed and used for a variety of cartography strategies for O&G exploration, public safety, NGOs and first responders missions, human geography data for GIS pros, teaching, advanced consensus algorithms for crowdsourcing, as well as a variety of analytical services, among additional offerings.