Satnews Daily
February 24th, 2014

Space Data Association—A Meeting Of Minds... (Event)

[SatNews] The Space Data Association (SDA) is planning to hold its annual Users' group meeting on Monday, March 10th in Washington DC—the SDA meetings will be hosted at Intelsat's offices, 3400 International Drive, Washington, DC 20008.
opics will include:

  • SDA and Space Data Center (SDC) status & planned enhancements
  • SDC capabilities demonstration

Discussions on:

  • Electromagnetic and Radio-Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI)
  • SDC feature evolution
  • Ideas for other enhancements and improvements

SDA participants are cordially invited to join us for the full day of events, beginning at 1000.  The morning sessions will be for current SDA participants only and will include opportunities for user feedback and discussion with our system operator.  The session will include a working lunch. There will be a session beginning at 1400 hrs that will be a general forum open to other satellite operators, government operators, interested industry participants who may be interested in participating in the SDA.  A review of the SDA’s capabilities, enhancements, and EMI/RFI to include Carrier ID will be included. At the end of the working sessions, we will have a social event where the various attendees will have an opportunity to meet each other.