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July 22nd, 2014

Volicon—Technology Showcase @ IBC2014 (Event—Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest)

[SatNews] Capture, Share, Review, Comply, Monitor—the five tenets of the Observer® Media Intelligence Platform™ from Volicon—are an array of products and applications that address contemporary media management demands and they will be demonstrated for the first time in Europe at IBC2014.

Volicon's new Capture application allows broadcasters to capture media from any source at any time, ingesting media either according to a schedule, in real time, and/or 24/7 recording, delivered via on-air broadcast or a digital platform such as web, mobile, streaming, and OTT services. The application supports a fast, simple edit workflow by enabling the user to review content as it is captured, immediately clip high-value content, and push it directly to editing and MAM systems without time-consuming transcoding steps. As a low-resolution proxy is created along with the True HD (1080i 25/30, 720p 50/60) recording, both local and remote Observer® Media Intelligence Platform™ users—remote staff, partners, consultants, outside talent, and reporters in the field—can quickly and easily collaborate to access, review, and clip content to create valuable footage for distribution.

Broadcasters today also need an agile way to publish exciting and compelling content to a multitude of digital platforms, including the web and social media outlets. Volicon's new Share application allows the broadcaster to repurpose existing content quickly and efficiently and subsequently push it to digital platforms and social media sites. One-button publishing profiles facilitate rapid processing of content to meet appropriate container and encoding requirements for an array of platforms, including target websites, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Share also makes use of existing closed captioning text to publish content that is compliant with government regulations.

Review is Volicon’s solution for reviewing on-air content, validating ad placement, and performing competitive analysis. Review provides broadcasters, networks, and playout service providers an application that facilitates rapid access to broadcast content for users working centrally and across geographically distributed sites. This gives all key stakeholders the ability to keep an eye on their own broadcasts, as well as those of their competitors, and associated ratings data within a single GUI. Making high-resolution live and historical broadcast content available locally and lower-resolution proxy versions available on any device, the application gives users the ability to review and analyze their broadcasts at any time, from anywhere. The application interfaces with the playout automation system to provide as-run log data for comparison with the frame-accurate recording of the broadcast output, thus making it easy for users to show advertisers what they're getting for their money.

Users who want to record, clip, and export their broadcasts to meet regulators and licensing requirements can look to Volicon’s new Comply application. Addressing a complete array of regulations, ranging from decency to closed captioning to loudness, this scalable application allows users to respond quickly and unambiguously to compliance requests. Leveraging Volicon's proven compliance monitoring technology, Comply lays critical A/V metadata over frame-accurate video to create a clear visual affidavit of compliance.

Volicon’s new Monitor application allows users to, you guessed it, monitor video quality, respond to fault reports, and use a full recording of the on-air broadcast for instant review of errors and their impact. While continuously analyzing logged content for faults such as black or static screen, loss of video or closed captions, and incorrect audio levels, this application provides flexible, individually configurable alert thresholds, with notifications delivered via email or SNMP traps. Quality measurement thresholds may be configured per channel to optimize performance and error reporting. Monitor also provides an integrated multiviewer feature that enables Observer® Media Intelligence Platform™ users to use their standard displays as multiviewers or record the output of a traditional multiviewer. With multiple streams presented on a network wall, users can respond immediately to any issues, instantly grabbing the suspect stream via their desktop interfaces to begin resolving the problem.

Volicon will be at Stand 7.G23. For more information, please visit their website http://www.volicon.com/.