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April 4th, 2011

Of Interest To SatBroadcasting™ Professionals

  • Debuting at the IP&TV Forum Asia 2011 is Bridge Technologies' VideoBRIDGE VB330, the industry's most powerful monitoring and analysis probe to date. This is the first product to be based on Bridge Technologies entirely new 10GB architecture. The VB330 will offer the highest performance to form-factor ratio available in the monitoring and analysis sector. With three blades fitting in a single 1RU chassis and each VB330 probe having two 10GB interfaces, the system can deliver a massive 60GB monitoring capability. Designed for extremely high-density applications at points of maximum data throughput in today's 10GB core networks, the VB330's enormous capacity offers telcos, network operators, and digital media organizations a monitoring solution with the potential for scaling to match almost any level of throughput.

  • At NAB 2011, Grass Valley™ will be premiering several innovative technologies that have enabled the development of some exciting new products. Media Servers & Content Storage: Less means more... the Grass Valley K2 servers’ bandwidth scalability or capability is impressive and the Companty will be bringing something to NAB 2011 that will give customers less — less components, less complexity, less rack space, and less cost. Two elements there are more of include performance and reliability. Camera Signal Transmission: Breaking down barriers again... What if you never had to worry about transporting your video formats? What if you never had to worry about whether you had to use triax or fiber? What if you had a camera transmission system that took the worry out of today's sophisticated broadcasts? At NAB 2011, Grass Valley will introduce the next big idea in camera signal transmission. Your OB truck will never be the same! Routing Switcher: Innovative flexibility... With more than 60 million crosspoints installed around the world since 2001, the Trinix routing switcher is the world's most popular router. At NAB 2011, Grass Valley will show attendees new ways to monitor and transport signals that are fully compatible with the first generation Trinix that was shipped in 2001, as well as the newest generation Trinix NXT debuting this year. Production Tools: Raising workflow efficiencies to new heights ... Grass Valley looked at how today's collaborative workflow systems work, and then thought about how they should work, and developed a new architecture that does away with tools that define, the task and allows the task to define the tools. You are invivted to see each of these innovations for yourself at the Grass Valley booth (SL106) in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

  • Linear Acoustic® will debut their AERO.calm — Coded Audio Loudness Manager — at the 2011 NAB Show. "AERO.calm is the only television audio processor capable of controlling loudness and dynamic range without affecting the original content," said Tim Carroll, founder of Linear Acoustic. "Broadcasters can rest easy knowing they are legally compliant, bolstering ratings by satisfying viewers, and still preserving the captivating audio experience intended by program producers." AERO.calm is the culmination of years of research into loudness control and audio and metadata processing. A hybrid of sophisticated multiband audio analysis and metadata control, audio can be processed in a consumer-reversible manner, permanently for noncritical material, or anywhere in between. Smooth and consistent by default, individual viewers can choose to hear the full range of the original content if they desire. Versions of AERO.calm are available to handle baseband AES/SDI audio, DVB-ASI, and transport stream over IP.

  • Optibase, a Vitec Company, will present at NAB 2011 a most advanced multi-channel portable H.264 encoder, a low-latency platform powered by TurboVideo™ technology. The MGW Micro Premium is Optibase’s most advanced industrial-grade, MPEG-4 H.264 encoding and streaming appliance. Designed for low latency distribution of HD and SD video sources for enterprises, it uses minimal bandwidth, yet preserves broadcast-quality video up to full HD 1080p60 resolution. The small, ruggedized encoder supports up to two separate HD sources, or five separate SD sources, in an ultra-small form factor, making it the densest professional-grade H.264 AVC encoder in the market. The solid state MGW Micro Premium appliance offers high reliability and the highest flexibility with video inputs including 3G, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVI, HDMI and Composite video sources. With its built-in matrix, it enables a single video source to be encoded at five different resolutions and data rates with built-in AES-256/128-bit encryption for securing IPTV content. The MGW Micro Premium is optimized for mission critical ingestion and dissemination of Full Motion Video (FMV) with optional metadata information (CoT to KLV). Its professional-grade, rugged enclosure and H.264 HD/SD video compression engine offer durability, quality of service and best-in-class video quality in less than 65 milliseconds encoding latency. Its ultra-small, airborne-ready footprint makes it a perfect for portable applications. It can be used as a stand-alone appliance or in conjunction with Optibase EZ TV and FITIS IPTV Systems to deliver a fully secure end-to-end IPTV service.