Satnews Daily
December 31st, -0001

Of Interest To SatBroadcasting™ Professionals...

  • Advantech Wireless is now delivering the latest version of its Transcend 800 Microwave Radio, a perfect fit for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) backhaul. The new 8 ASI interfaces, developed in response to customer demand, is the next step in the evolution of the already feature-packed Transcend 800 product line. The Transcend 800 provides the maximum bit rate of 214 Mbps per ASI interface, as compared to the typical 100 Mbps of most other units on the market. This means that 24 HD broadcast quality channels or 2 HD high-profile contribution quality channels are supported per ASI interface. With the optional 8 ASI version, 8 HD contribution quality channels can be supported in a single unit, reducing the overall footprint and the number of units needed. Field trials are currently underway with several major broadcast suppliers in Europe and South America. Preliminary results have been positive. When installing new DDT transmit towers, the integrated 10MHz high-stability Stratum 2 clock in the Transcend 800 eliminates the need for installing expensive GPS equipment. Transcend 800 automatically adjusts coding and modulation rates, using its True ACM™ technology, matching changing environmental conditions without any payload error. This allows for sustained availability at overall higher capacity. The Transcend 800 carries both full-duplex ASI and IP in a single unit and is available in all ETSI/FCC licensed spectrums.

  • Digital Rapids is debuting dual-channel models in the StreamZ and StreamZHD families of studio encoding systems; StreamZHD Live ABR adaptive streaming encoder; and Flux family of video capture and pre-processing hardware. The new models combine Digital Rapids' long-standing ability to output multiple formats, resolutions, and bit rates simultaneously, in real time, with the capability to capture and encode from two distinct sources concurrently. Dual-channel, standard-definition StreamZ models feature SDI video input support with embedded audio. HD, dual-channel models of StreamZHD and StreamZHD Live ABR support HD-SDI, dual-link HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and SD SDI video inputs. Real-time down-conversion of dual-link and 3G-SDI inputs leverages new facility infrastructures and allows easy repurposing of such sources without the workflow inconvenience and expense of external format converters. The new SD Flux-2200 and HD Flux-4200 boards offer similar hardware functionality in half-height, half-length PCI Express(r) cards. Flux cards are bundled with the tightly integrated Stream LE software, allowing customers to add Digital Rapids' renowned multi-format capture, encoding, transcoding and streaming capabilities to existing PC workstations. Further supporting these increased input channel densities, the latest StreamZHD and StreamZHD Live ABR system configurations also feature increased processing power, enabling the encoding of a greater number of simultaneous multi-format outputs. The complete range of Digital Rapids solutions will be showcased in booth number SL6010 at the 2011 NAB Show, April 11-14 in Las Vegas

  • Cinegy’s software-based workflow and playout solutions will be the core software suite for the PBS program origination system, to be deployed at PBS’ Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) in Lincoln, Nebraska. PBS is reinforcing its business and service continuity by implementing Cinegy’s software based workflow and playout solutions. Should a catastrophic event occur, PBS’ DRS will provide hot stand-by functionality. In addition, the product will allow maintenance switch-over from the primary PBS Network Operations Center NOC), so that full services can be provided during maintenance windows. The goals of PBS’ DRS project fit perfectly with the technical capabilities of Cinegy’s broadcast solutions: a software suite that operates on standard, non-proprietary hardware and IT infrastructure that is cost-effective, reliable, and flexible using a modular approach. In addition to restoring all program services to the Interconnection System originating from the PBS NOC, the DRS will also support the distribution of Digital Emergency Alert System (EAS) messaging. Cinegy’s solutions will allow PBS to streamline workflows, improve productivity, and reduce operating costs while also providing remote monitoring and management, including the ability to perform system upgrades and power cycling of system components. Additionally, Cinegy’s Scheduling and Delivery tools will be used for acquisition, processing, scheduling, distribution, and archiving.

  • Pilat Media Global plc [AIM: PGB] has launched TrafficCentral™, a new traffic management console for the company's Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS). IBMS TrafficCentral provides a single point of control from which to drive end-to-end traffic functions for complex broadcasting operations that encompass large numbers of channels or networks spanning many regions. Pilat Media's IBMS is a complete, scalable, and integrated broadcast management system, delivering multiplatform solutions for content, ad sales, and rights management to boost productivity across an entire broadcasting operation — from acquisitions to scheduling, airtime and non-airtime sales, traffic, and finance. For traffic, IBMS has been engineered to expedite the flow and tracking of information for complex operations that rely on the ability to deliver slightly or completely different content to multiple audience devices. The new TrafficCentral feature provides a single access point for driving all business and traffic operations from schedule creation to reconciliation. TrafficCentral is based on the concept of streams, representing a matrix of channels or networks across regions to define the span of actions and visualize the status of processes. The TrafficCentral framework therefore ties together workflow processes and business information to monitor and display the aggregate status of large numbers of business processes. TrafficCentral is available on new IBMS systems and as part of system upgrades for existing users.