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May 5th, 2014

Avanti Communications + Avonline Broadband—A Broadband Blanket For Europe (SATCOM)

[SatNews] UK-based satellite broadband company Avonline Broadband has announced a multi-million dollar contract extension with global satellite operator, Avanti Communications.

The new deal will provide a series of tailored broadband solutions to consumer and enterprise (SME) customers across Europe. Avonline will offer primary broadband connections deployed via Avanti’s HYLAS 1 and HYLAS 2 satellites.
Mark Wynn, Managing Director of Avonline plc, said, “Avonline is pleased to announce a significant contract extension with Avanti. We have worked closely to create a series of unique satellite broadband packages that are tailored to meet the specific service requirements of our growing customer base. These packages provide an instant broadband solution for the important minority of homes and businesses that remain neglected and unserviced by the traditional providers.”
David Williams, Chief Executive at Avanti Communications, said, “We are pleased to announce a significant development of our longstanding partnership with Avonline. Avanti’s flexible Ka-band technology will support delivery of high-quality satellite broadband packages to Avonline’s significant European consumer and enterprise customer base.”

The Avanti Communications infosite may be visited at http://www.avantiplc.com/

For further information regarding Avonline, please visit http://www.avonline.co.uk/