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June 17th, 2009

digiGO! — Multi-Workstation Control Presented By Portalis

Portalis Workstation Integrator Portalis™ has launched their flagship product, the Portalis Workstation Integrator.

Designed for control room operators and systems integrators, the Workstation Integrator is the first electronic appliance enabling operators to monitor and control up to eight different systems from a single integrated workstation. This enhances the performance and strategic decision-making of personnel in control rooms and operations centers. The patented Workstation Integrator can be exploited by organizations, such as broadcasters, military and civilian command and control, and industrial process control, that demand effective control room operations. The Workstation Integrator improves operators' decision-making ability by changing the dynamic by which they interact with multiple computers and control systems. Using novel image processing techniques, the Workstation Integrator places all of the information vital to decision-making directly in front of operators. They can now make more accurate, competent, and timely judgments without being confused or sidetracked with nonessential input.

The Workstation Integrator combines visual information from various stand-alone systems onto a single workstation display without requiring engineers to install new drivers or software, or to redesign or change each independent system. Installation is as simple as connecting a keyboard/mouse and video cables from the various systems into the Workstation Integrator unit, as well as cables for the outbound connection with the operator's workstation. The Workstation Integrator also provides shared control to multiple managers and operators, giving them the unprecedented ability to simultaneously view the same set of systems, create unique information layouts, and share control of specific systems.