Satnews Daily
September 1st, 2016

On The Show Floor... WORK To Do Modem Work During IBC2016

Revealing how their new platform will provide the high performance necessary for IP trunking and IP network infrastructure applications, WORK Microwave will spotlight their A-Series FPGA-based modem platform during IBC2016, which runs from September 9th through the 13th in Amsterdam.

Using the AX-60 IP modem, operators can transmit and receive DVB-S2X signals with utmost efficiency and simplify operations. The platform is completely customizable and scalable. Capable of adapting to any throughput (i.e., low or high), data analysis method, and other waveforms beyond DVB-S2X, it is an ideal solution for telecommunication companies, internet service providers, teleport operators, government and intelligence agencies, and operators of low orbit (LEO) satellite constellations.

Optimal use cases include high-speed network links (i.e., 100, 200, or 300 Mbps) over satellite, IP-based satellite newsgathering, IP-based contribution and distribution links, connection to and from LEO for earth observation, and reception and analysis of satellite communication. By providing operators with a future-proof and flexible platform for both standardized DVB-S2X and customized satellite communication, the AX-60 IP modem simplifies the transition toward an all-IP environment.

Some of the advanced features and benefits that will be on display at IBC2016 include higher modulation schemes up to 256APSK, a finer granularity of ModCods, and advanced filtering. WORK Microwave will also show the platforms' enhanced access from monitoring and control to the transmission parameters, allowing direct real-time monitoring as well as a quick adaptation to specific operator requirements.

The A-Series platform includes modem, modulator, and demodulator options, all of which are now shipping.

According to Jörg Rockstroh, the Director of Digital Technologies at WORK Microwave, one of the biggest challenges that operators in the satellite communications environment face today is the rapid rate of technology innovation... more flexibility and faster deployment times are needed. WORK designed the A-Series to specifically address these issues. Through a flexible, future-proof, IP-based architecture, the new platform enables customers to adapt to future requirements, including the next-generation DVB-S2X standard, with ease and affordability.