Satnews Daily
September 15th, 2015

Diving Into OTT Is ONE CONNXT... Solution On Display @ IBC2015

[SatNews] ONE CONNXT has entered the OTT space by offering leading edge, high quality video transport at the most cost effective price point available today.

The ONE CONNXT solution allows OTT platforms to deliver first and last mile connectivity to their CDN networks for further distribution, as well as allowing contribution broadcast networks guaranteed delivery to the transcoding farm for live ABR playout.

Broadcasters and Content Owners Met ONE CONNXT at IBC this year. 

Executive Comments

“ONE CONNXT takes the guesswork out of video transport and transcoding for any size company that requires distribution to CDN’s, OTT platforms, connected televisions, gaming consoles and other consumer devices to reach their customers,” said Dave Almstead, CEO, ONE CONNXT. “Now quality video transport to distribution platforms is available at the most cost effective price point.”
“We are releasing to our customers the solution to deliver their content to the CDN(s) of their choice. As part of that solution we can handle as little, or as much of this workflow  as they want us to,” said Chris Lavin, ONE CONNXT’s Chief Technology Officer. “We can pick up the customer’s master source feeds from anywhere in the world and deliver them to either our transcoding farm to transcode and package, or to their facility as RTMP, HLS, HDS or MPEG-DASH, thus guaranteeing first and last mile delivery.