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April 10th, 2017

The New VidOSat from VidOvation is a Boon for DSNG

VidOvation has introduced their all-new VidOsat, a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-deploy Ku- and Ka-band satellite terminal that possesses advanced features such as 3G/4G cellular bonding via the AVIWEST DMNG Pro transmitter — the VidOsat is well-suited for DSNG, coverage of live sports and entertainment events, on-location WiFi connections, and many other mobile satellite applications.

The collapsible VidOsat terminal can be easily transported as checked luggage in its two included IATA-compliant cases. The unit's "no-tools" assembly features a folding feed arm and quick-deploy tripod for easy setup in a matter of minutes. The tripod has detachable sand feet to allow deployment of ground anchors and high wind stays for maximum stability and reliable operation.

VidOsat's high-quality design, including a five-segment, high-gain, 1 meter carbon fiber reflector, ensures excellent performance, even at the extremities of the satellite footprint. Once the antenna has been assembled, users can point it easily to any satellite using the included MPAD2 hand-held device. The MPAD2 includes an integrated GPS, electronic compass, and inclinometer that provides a target azimuth/elevation and polarization position for the intended satellite. The MPAD2's built-in signal strength meter allows accurate peaking to the satellite.

VidOsat fully integrates with the AVIWEST DMNG PRO bonded cellular transmitter, enabling it to bond satellite and cellular signals together for a hybrid transmission that takes maximum advantage of available networks for enhanced resiliency. Also, VidOsat is available with a ruggedized outdoor IP modem/WiFi router, giving operators the ability to create a WiFi hot spot or use the WiFi as a separate WAN interface. Two built-in GSM modem radios give the terminal 3G/4G WAN capability. The VidOsat's soft cases provide space for these IP sub-systems to be transported without affecting the weight budget.

Also, the VidOsat is available with an optional power distribution unit (PDU) for simplifying the installation of higher-power VidOsat 16W and 55W antenna systems. In conjunction with the ruggedized outdoor modem, the PDU enables the VidOsat to be powered from a variety of sources — including a 240V source (via a power supply unit), direct from a 12V vehicle-based source such as an on-site OB truck or from standard camera batteries.

According to Jim Jachetta, the Executive Vice President and CTO at VidOvation, the VidOsat is truly the industry's most versatile portable satellite terminal. It gives DSNG teams everything they need to cover live and breaking news or to store and forward video for later use. With its IP networking capabilities, it can create an instant WiFi hub at events and other remote locations. The VidOsat's unique design allows it to access traditional Ku-band satellite as well as offers the option to transmit at Ka-band frequencies — increasing users' options for uploading their important data.