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March 28th, 2017

Debugging App for ViaSat Satellite Debugging Selected — McObject®'s eXtremeDB®

McObject®, the developer of the eXtremeDB® Financial Edition database management system, has announced that ViaSat has selected eXtremeDB to implement a new physical layer satellite debugging application known as the Data Metric Aggregation System (DMAS) project.

DMAS ingests metrics feeds from satellite ground-system elements at a very high rate and conducts analysis of the data to identify trends and abnormalities to help enhance network speed, quality and reliability. Today, approximately 1 million metric entries per second are captured from the ViaSat ground system using eXtremeDB.
The expectation is  that DMAS, using eXtremeDB’s capabilities, will significantly improve the flow rate, performance and quality of the metrics data. Analytics performed on the DMAS data can then be leveraged across market segments and geographic regions of the ViaSat network.
Phil Lampe, senior program director at ViaSat,  stated that once the ViaSat-2 and ViaSat-3 satellite programs are launched, the company expects to see a significant increase in metric volumes and flow rates. Therefore, finding a partner that understood ViaSat's metrics data needs was critical.
Steve Graves, CEO and founder of McObject, commented that the ViaSat DMAS project is of major importance to his company and to their wider client base. Independent testing by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC®) has shown eXtremeDB to be a fast and scalable time series data management solution for very high data volumes, which was a key element of the ViaSat evaluation process.