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July 11th, 2012

TSF Aids In Sahel Survival Is Moment To Moment

[SatNews] As life slips away, communications are critical regarding water and food to sustain life..

The telecom equipment provided by TSF to the NGOs in the Sahel region is essential for the communication of vital food data on the situation of people affected by drought.

These photos are of NGO teams supported by TSF’s satellite connections in the isolated areas of northern Dakoro, Niger.

The food crisis is in the Sahel, the zone in northern Africa that stretches across the continent from the Atlantic to the Indian oceans, marking the transition between the Sahara desert and the savanna regions to the south.

The people of the Sahel are resorting to increasingly desperate measures to survive. Families across West Africa are entering a dangerous period, and already women are forced to search for grains in anthills in order to survive.