Satnews Daily
September 7th, 2016

Airbus Defence & Space Move Makes Logistical Sense

To meet the increasing demands within the military and civil environs, Airbus Defence and Space has opened a new logistics center in Bremen’s Lloyd Industriepark, close to the firm's base near the airport.

Established in cooperation with Kühne + Nagel’s contract logistics division, this new Materials Management Centre (MMC) is now officially open, following an 18 month build. Initially, the center will be used mainly for A400M production and, in future, also for space applications.

The Lloyd Industriepark in Bremen boasts excellent road, rail and air connections. Thanks to the special foundations, the new warehouse is supported by 8,000 piles. The MMC has a wide range of storage areas covering all required storage structures – from small parts, pallet and cantilever rack storage facilities to large components in floor/block storage areas. Due to the optimized storage and transportation routes, the new logistics center can be operated by around 100 warehouse employees.
The new MMC replaces three old warehouses and will harmonize and streamline processes. The new center will enable Airbus Defence and Space to meet increasingly complex requirements for punctual and continual delivery to production lines. Given the large amount of materials to be installed in each aircraft and the high degree of flexibility required for production, proximity of the center to the production halls is key. Furthermore, a new optimized warehouse management system has been introduced.
An important element of the project was the two-month move, which has now been completed, since the consolidation of several warehouses into the new MMC had to take place without affecting the supply of production materials. A further key element of the new center is the adaptation during the first three years of operation to an optimized supply of production materials, with the aim being to steadily reduce the warehouse and logistics area. This will predominantly occur through the variable area and equipment concept, which enables the premises to be used in a way that optimizes space and costs, and allows a significant degree of freedom for future business models.